Monday, May 23, 2011

GeoStar v1.34 is out (+Hungarian - Polish Fix - +Palestine)

- Added Hungarian Translation (Many Tanks to bboti86)
- Polish Translation fully reviewed (cf emitar comment - Thanks to Emil T and Arthuro)
- Added Palestinian Territory
- Israel Capital set to West Jerusalem
- link to facebook page
- bug fix (custom mode with no continent selected -> crash)

Palestinian Territory Added
Hungarian now Available
Facebook Link

I do not know how to solve the Israel/Palestine problem in this game.
When I first set Jerusalem as capital, had a user who told me : 

by Khaled K. (September 28, 2010)
It gives wrong information...Jerusalem in Palestine NOT in Israel

I got my information from Wikipedia...thought everything was correct...then I made a lot of browsing on the subject, I tried to find position of my country about that...and in the end as almost all embassies are in Tel Aviv i set Tel Aviv as capital.

I have been rewarded with many not nice mail, agressive comment on the game page, and a lot of 1 star rating after that. So...It look like it was still not ok.

So here is my response to this problem in my game :
New Country : Palestinian Territory with East Jerusalem as Capital
Israel Capital set to West Jerusalem

I already know that...i will still have 1 star rating from people who are not rating my game...but maybe this conflict :)

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