Sunday, December 04, 2011

GeoStar v1.38 is out

v1.38 - Minor Release
- Russian DB Fix - спасибо  Виталий
- French DB Fix  - Merci à Léo
- All language Fix for Burma --> Myanmar Danke Kiril
- Code improvement.
- In hard or GeoStar mode the quizz are improved (less Oceania) - Merci à Pascaline
- Google+ Link

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

GeoStar 1.37 is out.

It's a minor version (bug fixes related to hardware acceleration and modifications in Russian and German Database).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GeoStar v1.36 - South Sudan

- Welcome to South Sudan, Soudan du Sud, Sudán del Sur, Sudan del Sud, Sudan Południowy, Νότιο Σουδάν, Sør-Sudan, Sydsudan, Южный Судан, Sudão do Sul, Dél-Szudán, 南スーダン, Südsudan, 南蘇丹, 南苏丹, Jižní Súdán, Zuid-Soedan, Etelä-Sudan, السودان, 남수단 ( Text of Resolution 1996 (2011) on the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) as adopted by the Security Council )

Monday, May 23, 2011

GeoStar v1.34 is out (+Hungarian - Polish Fix - +Palestine)

- Added Hungarian Translation (Many Tanks to bboti86)
- Polish Translation fully reviewed (cf emitar comment - Thanks to Emil T and Arthuro)
- Added Palestinian Territory
- Israel Capital set to West Jerusalem
- link to facebook page
- bug fix (custom mode with no continent selected -> crash)

Palestinian Territory Added
Hungarian now Available
Facebook Link

I do not know how to solve the Israel/Palestine problem in this game.
When I first set Jerusalem as capital, had a user who told me : 

by Khaled K. (September 28, 2010)
It gives wrong information...Jerusalem in Palestine NOT in Israel

I got my information from Wikipedia...thought everything was correct...then I made a lot of browsing on the subject, I tried to find position of my country about that...and in the end as almost all embassies are in Tel Aviv i set Tel Aviv as capital.

I have been rewarded with many not nice mail, agressive comment on the game page, and a lot of 1 star rating after that. So...It look like it was still not ok.

So here is my response to this problem in my game :
New Country : Palestinian Territory with East Jerusalem as Capital
Israel Capital set to West Jerusalem

I already know that...i will still have 1 star rating from people who are not rating my game...but maybe this conflict :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geostar v1.30 is out (New options for custom mode)

- It's now possible to have no timer at all in customized mode
--> Idea from Alessandra

- You can now choose which continent will be available in customized mode (for instance, only Africa, or Oceania and Asia...etc)
--> Idea from lio

- The russian DB has been fully reviewed
(cf Comments by Managers and Мария)
- Bolivia capital moved to constitutionnal capital : Sucre
- Polish Translation is finished ! Thanks Ktzysztof
Note: After Update you may have to reinstall your widget

Thursday, March 10, 2011

GeoStar v1.29 is out (Improved Difficulty levels - Preferences Menu Enhancement)

- Quiz are now more difficult. In "GeoStar Mode" and Customized Hard mode questions and answers are in the same continent
- Preferences menu has been improved to ease customized quiz creation

Sunday, February 20, 2011

GeoStar v1.28 is out (New 4 shape question type)

- New question type : 4 shapes
- Fix display problem on Sony Xperia firmware 2.1 (that does not handle paddingLeft on RadioButton (??) )
Many thanks to Martin H

Lite version that will fix Sony Xperia Firmware problem will be out tomorrow evening.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

GeoStar v1.25 is out (add Widget !!)

You can now have widget on your home screen.
In lite version 4x1 Flag or Shape
In full Version 4x1 Flag & Shape , 3x1 Flag or Shape

v1.25 Full video.

v1.25 Lite video.

GeoStar GeoStar Lite

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GeoStar v1.23 is out (Minor updates)

Minor Updates
- Fix on German DB (Thanks to Konrad)
- Fix on Dutch DB (Thanks to Menno)
- Many fixes on Greek DB (Thanks to Χρυσάφης)
- Should also fix the last know bugs/crash

GeoStar Lite

Sunday, December 05, 2010

GeoStar v1.22 is out (Minor updates)

Minor Updates
- norwegian now final (Thanks to Fredrik Rydland)
- Updated the changed by junta Birmanie/Myanmar Flag
- Redundancy question available in lite version
- Bug fix in custom mode with only one option selected (thanks Patthama H.!)
- Error in french DB with Tanzanie and Benin Capital (Thanks Nicolas B. !)

GeoStar Lite

Friday, November 05, 2010

GeoStar v1.20 available

- Added Chinese Traditional Locales (Thanks Yummi and
- Added Norwegian locales (RC1 - Thanks Fredrik)
- Fix bug local override on zh_CN (was not possible to switch to chinese simplified from settings)
- Best streak is updated even if user leave quiz before end dialog in survival mode (Merci Tristan)
- Fix Georgia in german (thanks Ramon for Feedback)
- Fix Washington in Russian (thanks Дмитрий for comment)
- Small fix in Score dialog box
- Feedback System improved

GeoStar Lite

Monday, October 25, 2010

GeoStar v1.18 - WVGA support improved

GeoStar is now available in v1.18.
It bring a better support for WVGA screens (This has been done for a better interface on Archos Tablets), a fix in the Database for many languages (Capital of malaysia was wrong. Thanks Henrik for pointing that), a new feedback system (we are now using Uservoice) and a bug in custom mode (no option selected) has been fixed.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

GeoStar v1.17 - Now in Finnish

GeoStar has been updated.
New language available : Finnish.
Fix in SV and EL database.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

GeoStar v1.16 is out

What's new :
- Bigger Map (171 locators have been rescaled)
- New languages : Italian (thx to : Simone Russo ) Portuguese (thx to : Grégory Canto & Paulo Casaretto Filho  ) Spanish now full (thx to : David Navia Matas )
- Bug on language override while flipping the phone fixed.
- QVGA improvement thanks to Elischka from
- Some cosmetic enhancement.
- Israel's capital moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (why ? see: )
- Malawi Flag Updated (see: )

Full :


Some screens:

QVGA enhancements:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GeoStar v1.14 on the market

QVGA support (for HTC wildfire and others) has been improved.
Two new languages are available :
- Swedish (Thanks to Christian x10.christian (at) gmail [dot] com)
- Danish (Thanks to :JSNKJ from )

Screenshots :

Danish :

NB : Malawi flag has not been updated. (We forgot it...Will be ok in next version due in 1 week)
(they changed their flag : )