What is the difference between lite and paid version ?

In the full version, there is a 4flag question type:

4shape Question Type:

There is a survivor mode (try to survive to the maximum number of questions).
Mono image widget à 3x1 and the 4x1 widget contains both shape and flag

Where is the information coming from ? (Israel's Capital ??)

Have been told  
by Khaled K. (September 28, 2010)
It gives wrong information...Jerusalem in Palestine NOT in Israel

I am just a Game Developer.
The information in GeoStar mainly come from Wikipedia. I knew this kind of question/problem would rise.  The 193 countries choosen are coming from :
Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. 
But looking more deeply at this question to understand Khaled's comment, it seems giving a correct response is not so easy. Jerusalem as not been recognized by UN as Israel's Capital . For technical reason I have to put a town.Ambassies are in Tel Aviv, set Tel Aviv.

I have been rewarded with many not nice mail, agressive comment on the game page, and a lot of 1 star rating after that. So...It look like it was still not ok.

So here is my response to this problem in my game :
New Country : Palestinian Territory with East Jerusalem as Capital
Israel Capital set to West Jerusalem

I already know that...i will still have 1 star rating from people who are not rating my game...but maybe this conflict :)


  1. Anonymous23/4/11 21:20

    Jerusalem is israel's capital. Ask any moron on the street would know
    This answer

  2. Maybe in your Country yes (Note for Readers : Anonymous is from Israel)...but not in the rest of the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_Resolution_478

    I think i will soon change the Database, with capital of Israel to Jerusalem West, and add the State of Palestine with Jerusalem East as Capital.

  3. I love your game so much after playing the Lite version, I gladly bought the paid version! It is very sad that you've gotten 1-star ratings and nasty comments not because of anything wrong with the game; but only because of hateful people on the Israel/Palestine problem. A fun geography game should bring us closer together and show us that we all share one world together. Thank you for a GREAT game!